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Franck Chabod

maître restaurateur

Cook at the service of taste and of products, he masters his art with a precise gesture: a respectful,honest, yet audacious and colourful cuisine.
His has earnt his savoir-faire, through those last 19 years:

15 years old Franck starts a cooking apprenticeship in his home town in Franche-Comté. Freshly graduated he packs for Lyon, Capital City of Gastronomy. In the 2000's, that is with prestigious lyonnaise Chefs that he learns his culinary knowledges, Efficiency, and Discipline as his passion for cooking and creating grows.

One after the other, he has joined the culinary team of:
Philippe Chavent 1 Michelin Star at La Tour Rose
Stéphane Gaborieau 1 Michelin Star at La Villa Florentine
Philippe Gauvreau 2 Michelin Stars at La Rotonde
Anthony Bonnet Gault et Millau d'Or 2006 at La Cour des Loges

At la Cour des Loges, he becomes sous-chef, but it is thanks to Stéphane Gaborieau, M.O.F. 2004, that he opens his mind to wider culinary horizons: together they travel to Far and Middle East; to Hanoi, Columbo, Bahrein, Abu Dhabi and Beyrouth, in order to promote the French Gastronomy.
From Stéphane Gaborieau, he gets his ticket to Paris and the Chef position at the great opening of Le Pergolèse in the XVIth arrondissement.

After working along with Christophe Duffossé 1 macaron Michelin at Le Magasin à Metz, Franck successfully holds the position of Head Chef at  le Rempart  in Tournus, Burgundy during three years. That is where "Franckie" meets Elly. They decide to create Elly's

Elly's opens on June 6th 2011: he is 31.

November 2011, Franck is awarded "Maître Restaurateur" for directing Elly's.
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