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Downtown Saint-Raphaël, Rue de la Liberté goes from City Hall to the Cultural Center. Border to the Old Town and its Farmers Market, it's a very busy shopping street: you'll find a few national brends. We've choosen for Elly's a very discreet front window so open your eyes carefully if you want to find out the restaurant small entrance at number 54, between a shop dedicated to seniors and an hotel. As you step through the original iron gateway, you'll go through a corridor / art gallery / wine cellar to discover the dinning area hidden from the passers by, unique, and intimate.

As Elly's opened on June 6th 2011, this space was an open air provençal patio that could only be used in the summer time. Since then, it has been entirely transformed and an electric glass roof as been installed so that we can welcome you all year round.

As a result, Elly's has become a non typical location where various influences cohabit: industrial, baroc, urban and contemporary. Light woods, mineral slate, aluminium, chrome plated elements, concrete floor, satinized fabrics, velvet, and white cotton table cloths blend under the glass roof. Art pieces are exhibited permanentely: a ''street art" wall, a huge mouth as a french kiss, melted chocolate shot in black and white by contemporary photographer Carine Battajon, and large abstract canvases by Pulido

Elly's is our home, and you'll be our guests.
At Elly's, we are young (the average age is 24) yet determined, bustling with energy and audacious, enthousiastic and passionated. That is with love, pleasure and commitment that we are doing our job.

Elly's has become a place that looks like us so that it will become yours. Our hope is that you will always come back at 54 rue de la Liberté to have a break from the roaring city at lunch or dinner. Let yourself go and relax in the deep armchairs the time of a meal where the identity of the produce is being respected, masterly cooked, enhanced by a subtil combination of flavours and burstling colours. .


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