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Elly grew up in a restaurant in Burgundy; Franck has learnt cooking in his home town in Franche-Comté. She is full of energy, he is more poised: they form a perfect pair. They give a new face to the "fine dinning restaurant": burstling yet comfortable, rigorous yet young and free. One feels good here !

Step through the original iron gateway and discover the elegant dinning area, located in an inner courtyard with its glass roof opened on the sky, that can become a winter garden. Take your sit and appreciate Franck Chabod's beautiful, modern and creative, colorful and burstling with flavour cuisine: Lobster ravioli with lemon zests, vegetable minestrone with basil, monkfish with lemongrass, purple artichokes and coconut milk emulsion, cod fillet baked with olive oil, creamy risotto with mascarpone, grey shrimp emulsion, pan fried beef fillet, baby vegetables from Roquebrune, sweet potato cream, bordelaise dressing, white truffle extract and Oh la la ! ! Chocolat ! ! !, a dessert that changes as the seasons go by.

First attempt yet master stroke for Eléonore Marion and Franck Chabod, who have opened their first restaurant midtown Saint-Raphaël. Coming from Burgundy, they have spared no effort to give to their establishment, a large patio topped with a glass-roof that opens in the summer, a standart worthy of what is served in the plate. Which cut a fine figure. Marinated salmon tartare with avocado salsa for starter, roasted meagre drumfish ou panfried duck breast as a main, then a chilled red fruit consommé with basil as dessert, and this is a sneak preview of the whole menu. Stunning to look at, at least as much to savour, for a very moderate price with menus starting at 24€ (two courses) and at 33€ (three). That's all you want.
Stylish, colourful, bubbling with energy...
Here you have the Downtown ( that had lost for a while its gastronomy) new good address . That is where long lasting (1922) old "Pastorel" traditionnal restaurant used to be that Franck Chabod, who has worked for great lyonnaise chefs such as Philippe Gauvreau and Stéphane Gaborieau, has settled down two years ago with his partner Elly (Eléonore).
New looks for this table a bit conceptual but harmonious, that cherrishes light and lines; iron crafted gateway, luminous dinning area, deep armchairs, and patio with a sliding glass roof. One enjoys the contemporary art touches such as paintings, sculptures or photographs in a ephemeral art gallery spirit. As soon as lunch is starting everything is clear and concise: a seasonal cuisine rocking beetween authenticity, memory lane dishes, and orientalizing Mediterranean cooking. Wines are wisely chosen (Jas d'Esclans, Rasque ou l'Hermitage Saint-Martin in Provence).  Gambas kaddaif with Paprika, houmous, beetroot and ginger coulis; roasted duck breast with grenaille potatoes; pan fried sea scalopes, parsnip and pistachio cream; monkfish and purple artichokes, coconut milk emulsion; sauted pigeon with sweet potato and chestnut; lemon bavarois, crumble yuzu, chocolate fondant : all tasty and sensible. Of course the old fashioned one will complain about the portions, and miss the train when audacity appears. But in this restaurant they take good care of you and their food,
and stand out in town.

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